TC e1479824559807 - We're swimming like fishes at St John Fisher Afterschool Club!

22 November 2016

Two of our Afterschool Club children at St John Fisher Primary School have shown their prowess in the pool at the Merton Pisces Swimming Gala – by winning a total of no less than 10 medals.

The boys brought in their medals to Afterschool Club to show to the children and Club Co-ordinator Michelle, who says: “I am really proud of both of them and what they have achieved!”.

Nathan aged 11, received Silver for Backstroke and Butterfly (PB), Gold for Individual Medley, Bronze for Front Crawl and Gold for Breaststroke. In total Nathan received nine points which resulted in a draw with another competitor leaving him to share the club shield.

Tristan, aged 10,  received Gold for Backstroke, Butterfly, Individual Medley, Front Crawl and Breaststroke. To receive the trophy the competitors needed the least points – Tristan received five, allowing him to take home the trophy. Tristan also broke a club record with the Butterfly at a speed of 24.96 seconds. Wow! Well done, boys.

22 November 2016