18 February 2016

Based in: Kingston, Merton and Richmond.
Hours of Work: Flexible.

Hourly salary: Unpaid role, however travel expenses are paid for.
Experience and skills required: No qualifications or experience necessary but a passion for being active in your community.


Able to relate effectively with people of all backgrounds and ages.

Able to work as part of a team.

Available at least 1-2 hours a week over a two month period (possibly longer).

Able to attend a training course.

JOIN Team Motivation.

Team Motivation is an enthusiastic inclusive group of people who encourage others to get active in arts, dance and sport. The Team specifically targets people living with a disability, chronic illness or mental health condition in the areas of Kingston, Richmond and Merton.

A Team Motivator will be matched up with someone who wants to get active or has been referred to us for encouragement to get active. Motivators will visit the person and build a relationship with them over an eight week period. During this time the Team Motivator will make suggestions, such as going on a walk together, fun activities or just a cup of tea and a chat. They will build up to attending one of the inclusive programmes in their area. The Team Motivator will be a familiar face in a new environment making the process of joining a new activity less daunting.

If you are interested in helping produce or star in videos, please contact Andy Mole (Volunteer Co-ordinator) at andymole@ymcalsw.org or phone 0208 339 7307.