Helping ukraine

11 March 2022

YMCAs across England and Wales are uniting to raise vital funds on behalf of YMCA Europe to ensure our colleagues can continue to help those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. Please donate at:

In addition to providing humanitarian aid, YMCAs in neighboring counties such as Romania, Moldova and Czech Republic are collecting Ukrainian refugees at the border and bringing them to safety, giving them somewhere to stay and food to eat. 100% of donations raised by this appeal will be delivered to YMCA Europe to ensure YMCA can continue to respond to the needs of individuals most impacted by the crisis.

According to the United Nations (UN) more than two million people have now fled Ukraine due to the conflict. YMCA is waiting at the borders, ready to take them to safety. Donate today and help YMCA Europe to provide accommodation and food to those in need.

Your donation could help fund emergency supplies for the people of Ukraine – warm clothing, blankets, food and even access to safe shelter and medical support.

Together with YMCAs across Europe, we are working to meet the immediate needs of children and families fleeing Ukraine.
£15 could provide emergency food and blankets
£35 could provide medical aid items
£50 could provide emergency housing

As we speak, YMCAs in the European countries that border Ukraine, are on the frontline supporting young people and their families. Your donation could make such a huge difference to them, thank you.

This appeal is on behalf of YMCA Europe. 100% of donations will be shared with YMCA Europe, for the benefit of those dealing with the hardships of the conflict in Ukraine.

More information on YMCA Europe’s involvement.

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