Virtual Indoor Cycling at YMCA Surbiton

5 December 2018

YMCA Surbiton Health & Wellbeing Centre has launched a virtual 45-minute indoor cycling class on Tuesday mornings at 6.30am. It’s perfect for people who want a blast of hard core exercise before work, to get their day started or for club cyclists looking for winter training. With state of the art Stages bikes and amazing big screen technology to show your stats, this class is dynamic, challenging and energising. Burning at least 1000 calories per session, this early morning virtual class will add a fantastic new element to your workout regime.

If the name “indoor cycling” makes you think of sedate pedalling or a touch of cardio, then think again. This virtual session is a high-energy spin class – and with all tough workouts, you get out of it what you put in.

Virtual indoor cycling

The virtual indoor cycling class is ideal for intermediate level. Beginners would be best to try a class with an instructor first, so that they can adapt easily to the virtual environment and be completely comfortable with the equipment.

The virtual big screen technology means that you can see everyone else’s data, and be clear on how your performance is matching up to theirs. It’s a good competitive tool to ensure you’re working as hard as you should to get results, and improve your performance week on week.

A regular class member commented: “By having it on the screen you can see how everyone else is doing. That pushes you more as you work through the zones. If you see other people in the higher zones, you will probably push yourself that much harder. Whereas if you’re not so aware, you might not do as much as you could.”

One thing the virtual software doesn’t tell you to do is press the Average End button and get the results from your workout. This is great if you have burnt 1200 calories!

IMG 3048 300x200 - Try our dynamic virtual indoor cycling class at YMCA Surbiton

5 December 2018