Men in kung fu class

26 June 2018

It’s a special weekend on 4th and 5th August at YMCA South Ealing as the prestigious Nord Wing Chun Kung Fu school is visiting to hold a martial arts seminar for over 30 competitors from around the world.

Wing Chun Kung Fu has had a huge surge in popularity because of the cult Ip Man films, and the most famous advocate being film star Bruce Lee. Wing Chun is known as a simplistic, practical and effective Chinese martial art, specialising in close range fighting where defence and attack are in a synchronised movement. It was developed and founded by a Buddhist nun Ng Mui nearly 300 years ago in China.

Wing Chun’s techniques incorporate an understanding of the human body (muscles, tendons, and skeletal structure), the mind, and motion and mechanics, such that a person can generate power regardless of size or physical strength.

Serving the community with Kung Fu

“While to most people, Ip Man is a kind of superhero movie character, to us the connection is real and personal.  My master, Sifu Derek Fung, is nearly 80 years old now, but he is one of the last surviving students of Grandmaster Ip Man,” says Mox Murugan, seminar organiser for Nord Wing Chun. “Today young people are interested in learning about Wing Chun Kung Fu due to the movies, but for Sifu Derek and myself, we adhere to the old traditions of our style of helping people to develop their character and to serve the community.”

“This seminar at YMCA South Ealing is being held because there are many people who are keen to meet and train with one of the Masters from the ‘old days’ before the opportunity is lost, hence we have people travelling from all over Europe and the UK for this event, following on from one we held in Sweden in 2017.”

YMCA South Ealing runs a number of courses for adults and children, including Kung Fu. For more details, call us on 020 8832 1576

26 June 2018