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Merton Winter Night Shelter is a project involving YMCA St Paul’s Group and nearly 20 faith groups in the Merton area of London.

Current situation during the Covid19 pandemic

After running a rotating system (different venue each night) for 9 years, Covid19 has forced us to entirely rethink how we operate. This winter we will be running the scheme from two flats that are part of a church building (Lantern Methodist) in Wimbledon. There will be 5 bedrooms for single occupancy use.

Shelter though the Winter months

We offer warmth, food and a place to sleep for up to 5 local rough sleepers over the coldest months of December, January and February and now offer an online referral form.

We also help to provide move-on opportunities for our guests.


But we still need your help. If you would like to contribute or volunteer, please get in touch by emailing us at or via our twitter feed @mertonshelter.

Merton Winter Night Shelter - Winter Night Shelters