Hostel in britwell slough

Phoenix House is a 10 bedroom Looked After Children (LAC) semi-independent provision for young people aged 16-17. It is located in a leafy, calm residential area of Britwell bordering Burnham. close to amenities such as transport (Bus 1B, 78, 53, Burnham train Station), Slough My Council office, library, Doctor’s and Dentist’s Surgery etc.

The building was previously used by a local charity as a care home and became derelict and unoccupied for a period of about three years. With support received from the Homes and Communities Agency, the YMCA undertook an initial extensive refurbishment of the building and transformed it into a habitable building.

With further funds and support received from SEGRO plc, owners of the Slough Trading Estate, and LandAid, the YMCA was able to extend and furnish three additional rooms thereby increasing the rooms from 7 to 10 bedroom.

The environment in Phoenix House is that of a family home. Each resident has their own room furnished with bed, wardrobe, bedside table, lamp shade, bin and laundry basket and access to shared facilities such as fridge/freezer, cooker, computer, television, lounge and dining area, bathrooms/shower, toilets, laundry room, shower and garden. The house has a 24-hour staffing in place including waking nights’ staff cover. Every resident is allocated a support worker who is there to help, support and guide the young person in developing and acquiring skills for independent living. The support workers hold regular meetings with the young people to discuss their support needs and work with them to develop tailor made support plans for each of them. The support worker is also there to help each resident resolve any problems or concerns they may have or as someone to chat to when having a bad day. Residents cook their own meals and are encouraged to use the communal lounge and other shared facilities. Residents are regularly invited to house events such as cooking sessions, film nights, quiz nights etc.

The young people stay for up to two years or more, after which they move on; sometimes with the option of being offered our step-up YMCA accommodation for 18-25 year olds located in Chalvey, Slough.



For enquiries on behalf of Slough resident children call Slough Social Services on telephone number : 01753 475111

For all other enquiries please call the Phoenix House direct on : 01753 572993