YMCA are celebrating their 175-year anniversary

To mark this we are holding the YMCA 175 event

YMCA175 - A Message to the world

Be part of something unique and inspiring where your words/voice matters

We will be working in partnership with TED Talks to create some videos of young people talking about things that are passionate to them and future generations of young people.

Subjects include:

–      HEALTH (Mental & Physical)






As well as these subjects, there is also the opportunity to add appropriate subjects too.

The Venue - London ExCel

Audience in auditorium watching performance. Women on stage

Benefits to include:

–      Entry to the 175 event

–      Chance to meet young people from around the world (we expect there to be approx. 4000 attending)

–      Training to include Presentation/Public Speaking

–      Media/Filming Experience

–      Chance to speak live on stage or see your video displayed to the audience

Throughout the project, we will be having group discussions and meetings to prepare the video content for TED Talks. We will provide professional training with presentation skills for camera work, public speaking and more insight around the chosen subjects.


You must be able to attend the 2 full day and 2 half day sessions (dates TBC), as well as the YMCA175 event.

All travel, meals and refreshments will be provided by the YMCA.

If you would like to be involved with this project please email your interest to Alan Maphosa before May 22nd 2019.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing this amazing TED Talks experience

YMCA 175 Event Brochure