YMCA France volunteers

22 January 2020

YMCA Hayes has welcomed two volunteers from France in a new collaboration with
YMCA France. Ben Monnie, 22, and Lucie Lucas, 21, joined the Youth Team in
September this year and are developing plans for a new Basketball Club and a
Gymnastics/Dance Club for 11-16 year olds in the Hayes area, to commence in
January 2020.
The volunteers are completing their 12-month Service Civique placement, which is a
national volunteering scheme run by the French government.
Volunteering Manager Cedric Graser at YMCA France comments: “YMCA France is very
honoured to have this new partnership with YMCA Hayes. We would like to thank you
all very much for giving young French people this opportunity at your wonderful
Both Ben and Lucie are really enjoying their time at YMCA Hayes and looking forward
to getting their youth projects off the ground for the young people in the local area.

“I have been a gymnast for 14 years, so my goal here is to get more girls involved in
gym and dance. I will start it off at the gym at YMCA Hayes, and maybe try some step
sessions, too,” says Lucie.

Lucie and service user - Young volunteers from France at YMCA Hayes

Pictured, above: Lucie (right), with Nancy, a young person who attends youth club at YMCA

22 January 2020