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12 June 2020

Hello again everyone. I am back again with another blog for you all. Today’s one is short and sweet. There are literally thousands of youth work resources out there and in the digital age we now inhabit they are even more accessible. I will provide you with some links to resources and organisations that support young people.

I have focused on Cooking, Education and Mental Health and I have chosen various online links to activities for and agencies working with young people.

Hopefully these will be benefit both you and the young people you work with during lockdown and beyond!

Resources & organisations: Young People

Online Resources:

# Cooking

Some children friendly recipes from Jamie Oliver

# Educational Resources

The BBC Revision app for 14-16 year olds with content for a wide variety of GCSE subjects.

Educational interactive resources from age 5 – 18.

Teen Body Image And Self-esteem – A Practical Guide For Parents. Important teen body image and self-esteem topics, social media influences, and cyberbullying.  Advice for parents on how to talk to their teens about body image issues, setting a positive example, and looking out for warning signs of teen body dissatisfaction. Tips and advice on diet, healthy sleep, hygiene, exercise, and mental well-being that helps to contribute to developing positive body image.


An organisation that provides people with mental health problems advice and support. This is great to use for yourself, colleagues and also potentially parents of young people.

An organisation dedicated to supporting young people with mental health issues and they also provide resources for youth workers to carry out awareness sessions in their work places.

There are also some great resources on the Children and Young People Now website in the “Youth Work Resources: Help is at Hand”, article. Many of the resources highlighted in the article are free or low cost.

Next week…

Next week’s blog post I will be sharing some more resources. They have been put together by different youth work organisations, which should prove useful and help everyone address a wide range of topics

Monique Westcarr
Youth Project Officer at YMCA St Paul’s Group, based at YMCA Walthamstow

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12 June 2020