YMCA St Paul’s Group provides accommodation and supports vulnerable people, as well as offering activities for families and youth. We are an inclusive association and welcome everyone in our day to day work. Our health and wellbeing centres are dedicated to helping you achieve a balance between mind, body and spirit. What’s more, we want everyone who has an involvement with YMCA St Paul’s Group to be met at their point of need and come to know life in all its fullness.

Residents in our hostel accommodation and move-on housing are supported by a large team with pastoral care, support brokerage, community activities and counselling. Often people come to us who have been vulnerable and homeless for a while, and their needs are many; we believe everyone should have a safe place to stay. We aim to get our residents back on their feet and into education and employment during the two years they are with us. Most of all we want them to feel respected, listened to and valued.

Our work with children, families and youth is long standing and delivers excellence. We offer a range of afterschool clubs, breakfast clubs and holiday playschemes, with dedicated professional staff who care deeply about the children they work with. We believe that young people should have an opportunity to flourish.

Our health and wellbeing centres offer modern gyms, group fitness classes and personal training for all ages and abilities. We are fully inclusive too, and our belief is that everyone in the community should enjoy the benefits of good health and wellbeing.

We encourage local people to volunteer with us and help us in our work and we strive to offer aspirational training and educational opportunities for all.

YMCA St Paul’s Group is affiliated to YMCA England & Wales.


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