Nastaya lives in mYPAD accommodation at YMCA Walthamstow

14 January 2019

Finding affordable move-on accommodation in London is often difficult for our residents because it is so expensive but a mYPad provides an affordable solution.

As residents begin to work full time and get back on their feet they need to be supported after they move out. The mYPad housing scheme onsite at YMCA Walthamstow offers 20 units to residents of the main hostel.

Affordable mYPad accommodation

Nastaya Meredith, 24, is a former resident and has been living in her mYPAD for just over a year. She has a job as an Adult Safeguarding Officer with the NHS, and has been there for two years. She is currently waiting for a council flat.

“I have settled in well and love having my own space, and not having to share with anyone else. It’s affordable and makes sense for me – I pay £600 a month in rent.”

When new residents move into our hostels, they receive support to help them.

“When I first arrived, YMCA made me feel welcome, with a regular weekly meeting to talk about the YMCA and what kind of support they can offer,” explains Nastaya. “I was able to get things done and if I needed support, my support worker was at hand. I wasn’t working when I first moved in, and there was an employment officer who came into the hostel each week to advise people about finding jobs.”

A lot has changed for Nastaya over the last couple of years and she enjoys her job which she describes as challenging. It required a lot of training and she enjoys it. But how did Nastaya come to be living at YMCA in the first place?

“I got kicked out by my mum when I was living in Hackney and I went to live with my older sister and my auntie. When I was at my sister’s house I applied to live here and waited around two months to get in.

YMCA is good at supporting you, but my experience of waiting for council housing has been long. Ideally I would like somewhere to live in Walthamstow, because it would be near to work and I like living in the borough.”

14 January 2019