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Last year over 500 young homeless people made their ‘home’ with us.

YMCA Walthamstow is a supported housing scheme where accommodation and support are provided as a package. Our scheme is designed to help residents develop in all aspects of life; mind, body and spirit, enabling them to live with us then move onto independent living and sustainment within their community.

We provide targeted and holistic support to single people aged 18 and above with housing and support needs, individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and/or at risk, people living with mental illness, learning disabilities or recovering from substance misuse or those who are fleeing domestic violence.

Upon being offered accommodation, each resident is assigned one of our Supported Housing Officers, who works with them on their individually tailored support plan, helping them into education, training and employment.

We also have a dedicated residents’ zone where residents can take part in a range of social activities, and we organise trips and events throughout the year.

Residents can also access support, advice and job opportunities via external services that we invite into our resident zone to support and work with our residents.

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Last year, 134 residents were resettled into independent living, highlighting the benefits of the services and support we provide.

Accommodation :

YMCA Walthamstow has:

  • 294 units of supported accommodation.
  • 10 unsupported mYPads for residents living with us who have found full time employment
  • 20 unsupported mYPads for direct applications who are in full time employment
  • One Rough Sleeper Project

Every applicant will be subject to a Police National Computer (PNC) check.


Rent at YMCA Walthamstow is currently between £265.23 – £302.30 per week, dependent on unit of accommodation

Personal charges vary in each of our accommodation units and vary between £10.85 to £20.42 per week

20 unsupported mYPad accommodation is £126.33 per week

Please note that your personal charge element of the rent will depend on whether or not you are entitled to full Housing Benefit.  If your Housing Benefit entitlement changes during your stay, your personal charge element will change as well.  Rent is payable on a weekly / fortnightly basis with a fortnightly deposit on arrival.

Policies, rights and responsibilities

YMCA is committed to safeguarding and equal opportunities in all areas of its work and responsibilities. Thus, alcohol is not allowed in any of our communal arrears, our premises is a smoke free zone too including all rooms. YMCA will do everything that is reasonable and within its power to prevent the taking and supply of illegal drugs on its premises.

The referral route

Unfortunately YMCA Walthamstow is no longer accepting direct applications from clients. We now only accept referrals for accommodation from referral agencies. If you are looking for accommodation you will need to contact the Homeless Unit in your Borough, who may then refer you to us.

If you are from an agency and would like to request a referral form please contact applications@ymcaeastlondon.org.uk

Contact us

YMCA Walthamstow
642 Forest Road, Walthamstow E17 3EF | T 020 8509 4600 | E info@ymcaeastlondon.org.uk