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London’s shortage of affordable accommodation has created a “revolving door” pattern of homelessness

Many young people leaving supported accommodation simply cannot afford to gather the huge deposit needed to secure a flat in the Capital. The result is that they often find themselves back at square one, returning to the supported accommodation service they have just left.

To respond to this need, YMCA Walthamstow developed mYPads – containerised units that have been converted into affordable homes. In June 2012, the first two prototype homes were delivered to our site in Forest Road. Staff and visitors tested them for temperature, noise levels and general comfort. The feedback they gave has informed the design of the final working models.

We have 10 mYPads that are designated for YMCA Walthamstow residents to rent at a rate of 30% of minimum wage, enabling them to leave supported accommodation, start full-time work and live independently, while at the same time saving funds for their first deposit.

We also have a further 20 mYPads for young, working people who are currently unable to rent privately, are not owed a homelessness duty by the council and find themselves facing homelessness. Residents in these mYPads are not supported and the rent is higher. To find out more and apply for a mYPad click here.