Richard James CEO

27 March 2020

We have entered a new chapter in our global pandemic story and across the UK organisations and institutions are experiencing their own sub plots as each seeks to make sense of ‘no rules’, but guidelines.  

July 19th was originally entitled “Freedom Day”, a day when all restrictions were to be lifted and we could get back to a more familiar way of life. We now know that Freedom Day proved to be a myth as we are still all subject to different ways of working and living. At YMCA St Paul’s Group we have taken a cautious approach to the lifting of the restrictions, retaining the requirement to wear masks as well as social distancing. Activities in our Health and Wellbeing and Children, Youth and Family services will start to be re-introduced but in a measured way, constantly reviewed and risk assessed so that we reduce the risk of infection. We do hope that everyone who either lives with us or uses our facilities will continue to support this approach as we move forward together.  

We do look forward to the real day of freedom however knowing that the pandemic has impacted on people’s mental and physical wellbeing, whilst also exposing divisions in our society.  This Freedom Day can only be realised when (as our vision states) all young people thrive and all communities flourish.  

Richard James

CEO, YMCA St Paul’s Group
23 July 2021