YMCA Retreat

13 October 2017

Our six-day Life Journeys help our residents explore life and spirituality and contribute to their personal development – they are very popular!

The Chaplaincy team take away 15 residents three times a year on the Life Journeys to a beautiful setting in Wales. It’s an opportunity for everyone to reflect on their lives, as well as their mind, body and spirit. With a clearer sense of purpose and wellbeing, residents can think clearly about planning for the future. There is also personal mentoring available on their return. Our research shows that residents who take part in a Life Journey make a successful move-on much more quickly than those who don’t engage with the programme.
Here’s what they have to say:
What have you enjoyed most:
“Getting to know people”
“Good feelings in myself”
How has it helped you reflect on your life?
“The appreciation of genuine people”
“I have a clear picture of self-worth, of who I am”
“In the prayer of blessing I felt my eyes were re-opened to God”

IMG 20170403 WA0013 225x300 - Life Journeys: spiritual discoveryIMG 0550 e1507896400465 225x300 - Life Journeys: spiritual discovery