Chloe is a resident at YMCA Hayes

8 February 2019

Chloe, 19, is a resident at YMCA Hayes in West London. Thanks to supportive YMCA staff and the Get on Track employment and mentoring programme, she has got a roof over her head, about to start volunteering and feeling more positive in herself.

“I like living here; it’s given me independence. I can start doing stuff myself rather than relying on other people to do it for me,” says Chloe.

Being a shy person means that Chloe doesn’t have a lot of confidence but taking part in Get on Track helped her to tackle this. “As the Get on Track programme went on I grew more confident. I only knew two people on the course to start with, and getting to know new people was one of the best bits”.

Chloe is planning on volunteering at a charity shop soon. “I’m hoping to get more experience out of it and to come out of my shell,” she says. “The Get on Track employment day really helped me. It

made me see that if you had an opportunity, you must grab it with both hands.”

Resident at YMCA Hayes

Staying in short-term supported accommodation at YMCA Hayes means Chloe needs to think about her plans going forward. “I’m hoping to do my volunteering, get a job and get a flat in the next couple of years. I’d like to work in retail as I have got some experience in this”.

Chloe’s dream job would be a professional dancer. “When I was 11 I did Street Dance and performed at the Beck Theatre in Hayes. I would love to take it up again. When I was dancing before it really helped to take my mind off things”.

Chloe has a key worker at Hayes who she can go to for advice and support if she needs it, along with other YMCA staff based at the hostel, like the youth team. “I can’t thank them enough for helping me. George who manages the Get on Track programme was the one who got me into the hostel. Marcia, the Senior Housing Support Officer here was lovely and she really understood my problems.”

8 February 2019