residents art

16 May 2018

Residents at YMCA Surbiton and local members of the community are currently exhibiting their art in in the café at the hostel. It’s a showcase of paintings from the Arts & Crafts studio that takes place every Tuesday 6-8pm, run by former resident Daiva Daugeliene.

“We are open to everyone no matter their age or experience,” says Daiva. “The main purpose of our sessions are relaxation, expression, self exploration and communication-arts. In the sessions I try to give some basic knowledge about painting techniques and colour.”

Daiva trained as a teacher in Lithuania and has always wanted to share her love of arts and crafts. She encourages others to explore and find the love and enjoyment in creating. Davia is an advocate of the use of arts and crafts as a therapeutic tool and has seen the benefits in herself and others. She believes that everyone can create art and her sessions bring people together.

Writing Group inspired by art

There is also a display of the works of the Writing Group, which is made up of 15 residents, staff and volunteers. They meet up every other Friday during term time and last term they focused on writing about colour, and used some of the artwork as their inspiration for their poems.

Here’s one of the poems, by Mark:

Pine Cones

Regenerate, open and unfolding.

No secrets, just honest.

The dark and the light inside.

Open the dark to open the light.

No secrets, just honesty.

Better to be open than to hide

Open the dark to open the light

Try to be honest and true.


Better to be open than hide.

Hate liars.

Try to be honest and true.

Please be excellent to each other.


Hate liars.

The dark and the light.

Please be excellent to each other

Regeneration, open and unfolding.

If you would like more information about joining the Art & Crafts studio on a Tuesday evening, contact Daiva Daugliene

artwork 1 300x200 - Residents at YMCA Surbiton showcase their art to the public art group