Welcome to the residents’ page. We hope you will find useful information, ideas of things to think about and ways to build your skills. There are things for when you’re bored and some interesting information about YMCA…life, the universe and (not quite) everything. This is for you so if you think there is something missing, let your support worker know and we’ll try to add it asap.

Life Skills and Community Activities Team

The Community Activities Team have a dedicated team in Wimbledon and Surbiton and support you in building your skills, confidence and creativity through workshops, one to one sessions, drama and other creative workshops, events and much much more during your time in YMCA.  This section gives you videos and worksheets for you to do yourself but do chat with us or your local Housing Support Team or staff if you’d like some help or to print something off.

Other sites have different resources available – often supported through volunteers, community groups and the Housing Support staff. Please speak with the Housing Support staff if you are interested in engaging in community activities at your site.

Get skills

‘The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you’ BB King

Improve your life, employment and personal development skills through a collection of worksheets, quizzes and videos.


Spanish Omlette

Enjoy making this tasty dish

Money Matters

Activity Sheets

Faith Stuff

As an inclusive Christian organisation YMCA St Paul’s Group would like to help you – Mind, Body and Spirit. The Chaplaincy team is around to chat in a one to one, catch us if you’d like a friend to go to the gym with, or join one of our groups to meet others and think about life.  This section offers some ideas for you to think about your faith and beliefs, whatever that might be and to reflect on life through things like films and songs and prayer.


Housing Support

The Housing teams, at most sites, are your first port of call if you have a question or problem, or if you want to share some good news.  This webpage section aims to give you some details about housing, rent, benefits etc. and what to do if things change in your life, who to contact and what needs to happen.  If your site does not have a housing team, please speak to on site staff for guidance.

Useful Links

Local Authority Websites

Housing Policies

What do you think?

We want to hear from you. Each resident has a unique story and we can learn from you. YMCA St Paul’s Group is here to support you to thrive and we’re open to your suggestions on how to improve our provision.

Please give us your suggestions, feedback or complaints here.

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