community choir 5March 1024x774 - The YMCA Community Choir

The YMCA Community Choir is a network of community choirs across YMCA St Paul’s Group.

A contemporary community choir covering hits such as U2’s With or Without You and All My Loving by the Beatles.

“The songs range across the decades, from the 50s up to the current day. We’ve even got a bit of
1850s in the mix! We don’t do so much classical, its mainly pop, rock, funk. When we do a classical piece, it’s good practice and helps with learning harmonies.” Charlie Swift, Musical Director

We are an inclusive community choir open to all skill levels and abilities. You won’t need an audition to join and each session costs only £3.50 with YMCA residents and those on a low income invited to join for free!

Twice a year a regional concert will take place in a YMCA or local venue. This will give you the chance to showcase the work you have done with your YMCA Community Choir and meet the other YMCA choirs members across the UK.

Hear what current members have to say here

If you want the chance to warm up those vocal cords and spend a fun evening making new friends discover your local YMCA Choir and sign up today!

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