volunteer photographer in front of slide

4 June 2018

Here at YMCA St Paul’s Group we’re celebrating Volunteers Week (1-7 June) and the people who give their time to us freely. We have volunteers of all ages and of all abilities who we are honoured to work with.

Mirjan Kernaja, 19, has been volunteering with YMCA St Paul’s Group for the last two years as a photographer and videographer. He is just finishing off his Media Production course at Kingston College and has been able to add to his portfolio the work he has produced for us.

Mirjan has certainly been challenged with his work, as he has been sent on photo shoots across all our areas, which has seen him crawl through the Pod soft play to get the shot in the ball pit, trek through a forest to capture the shot for Wild Play Days and clamber over gym equipment to get the best treadmill picture! Not easy for a photographer who is 6-foot tall.

Volunteers learn new skills

Originally from Albania, Mirjan (pictured below) came to the UK with his family when he was 4 years old. After he finishes college, he will pursue his love of filming, producing a feature on knife crime in the capital. He loves the challenge of volunteering for YMCA: “YMCA gives me projects that stretch me – and I have learnt a lot with the volunteer work I’ve done. I always get credited for the work I do too, which is great. Volunteers are much appreciated by YMCA – and we make a difference. I’ve taken a lot of photos and video footage, and made a film for the Inclusive Lives project, and really happy to be involved with the charity.”

mirjan compressed 263x300 - "Volunteers are much appreciated by YMCA... and we make a difference"

4 June 2018