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YMCA Parsons Green is a hostel situated in the heart of west London. It offers 27 single rooms to men and women in a universal setting. The rooms are modern and airy and close to the centre of the capital. As a YMCA we believe that you should have a safe place to stay. Homelessness affects many different people from all walks of life, and in London homelessness is on the increase. We work hard to support our residents with pastoral care, training and education. We also make sure we provide many volunteering opportunities too. This is to ensure that our residents can gain as much experience as possible as they start to look for employment. Our residents’ stay with us is a stepping stone and a temporary arrangement.

YMCA Parsons Green residents

Residents who come to the hostel are aged over 18. They usually stay with us for around three years before we support them as they move on. The move on to either private rented accommodation or move-on housing. Some people are referred to us from YMCA Surbiton and YMCA Wimbledon. Others come via referral agencies or are self referrals.

Each landing at YMCA Parsons Green hostel has a modern shared bathroom and shared kitchen facilities, so that residents are able to cook for themselves and get together.

Referral agencies can apply to YMCA Parsons Green using this form. The hostel building was given to YMCA back in the 1980s by philanthropist David Ensor. Sharon Del Risco has been manager of YMCA Parsons Green hostel for the last 20 years.

Most of the residents work part time whilst studying, and they also share a ground floor communal room with settees and a piano, so they can chat and relax with friends and other residents.

Contact us

YMCA Parsons Green
Ensor House 6 Parsons Green, Fulham SW6 4TN
020 7736 4878 E enquiries@ymcaspg.org