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Changes to the way we work

Across our Children, Youth and Family department we are following advice from local commissioners and falling in line with information provided to schools, in particular the guidance for schools, colleges and local authorities on maintaining educational provision,  published 19 March 2020 and updated 01 June 2020

Nursery Lands Pre-school is closed to the general public until further notice.
Jumpers! Nursery will remain open to provide vital childcare services for key workers.
All breakfast and after school clubs are currently closed.
Our Youth Centres are now closed until further notice, but we are now running digital and virtual services on our social media channels. Workers will still be contactable to provide 121 advice and support to Young People.

Our team are working hard  on creating resources for Children, Young People and families who find themselves self isolating ensuring that every family gets the support it needs.
Page updated: 15 June 2020

Jumpers! Nursery is now open again Monday to from 8.00am – 5.00pm for children from 6 months to 5 years. Our service to children of key workers will continue. We will have spaces available for 2 year olds from mid-July and for 3 and 4 year olds from mid-September. Please call 07810 556820 for more information.


Updates to services – General overview

Under 5’s– Under 5’s activities — suspended  until further notice.

Children’s activity classes and course including soft play – suspended until further notice

Youth Services – contact sessions will be suspended until further notice.

Holiday Play Schemes.-all planned schemes – suspended until further notice

Birthday parties, events and room hire facilities  – suspended until further notice

Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs – All Breakfast and after schools clubs will close on Friday 27 March until further notice.

Jumpers!Nursery – Main services will be closed except for children of critical workers.

Preschool – now closed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding from those of you that are classed as a critical worker in only sending your child in if there was no other option at home. This has really helped us reduce contact and look after the welfare of children and our staff.

Jumpers! Nursery in South Ealing is still open to support the relevant groups and we will continue to make daily assessments of the situation. Each morning on arrival at the front door and throughout the day, we will take the temperature of all children and staff entering the setting to ensure we are monitoring their health. If you are a critical worker who has no other option for childcare at home please contact us as soon as possible to assist in our planning.

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Soft play

Fun times

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Children's activities

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Children's parties

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Youth work

Fulfill your potential

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Jumpers! Nursery

Excellent day care

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Breakfast & Afterschool Clubs

Activities & classes

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Holiday fun

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Play and learn

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Further information

As guidance is continually updating, please continue to follow the advice on the NHS and Government websites below: