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For young people, getting their first job can be extremely difficult if they don’t have the experience that is required. And how do you get the experience if no one wants to give you a job?

With our Junior Leadership Programme, we help young people get the experience and confidence they need to secure their first job – often within YMCA St Paul’s Group.

We also work with young people who for some reason have had to change their career because of physical or mental disabilities that leave them unable to follow certain career paths.

With our support, they can take up training and education and by doing so, change their lives around.

For someone who has experienced homelessness, getting and sustaining a job can be challenging. We know that loss of a job can be closely tied in with becoming homeless and we continually work to give our residents routes back into employment.  The Community Activities Team offer residents Employment Skills sessions, alongside other sessions such as Personal Development and Customer Service to help find and sustain employment.

Other projects, like our volunteer programme, look to find volunteering opportunities for residents to gain valuable skills. The team also offers Life Skills which cover subjects such as budgeting, cooking and resettlement, as well as numeracy, literacy, IT and other qualification-based subjects.