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YMCA Wimbledon is a short-term supported housing scheme where housing and support are provided as an integrated package.

“We provide supported accommodation because we believe everyone should have somewhere safe to stay”

Our supported housing scheme is designed to help people develop in all aspects of life; mind, body and spirit, enabling people to live as independently as possible within their community, with a real focus on social inclusion.


Support can include managing benefits and debt, how to develop daily living skills, looking for education, training and employment or volunteering, referrals to relevant agencies for mental health, drug or alcohol use and guidance in securing permanent accommodation.

We provide targeted and universal support to single people age 16 and above in housing need, individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and/or at risk, people living with mental illness, learning disabilities or recovering from substance misuse or those who are fleeing domestic violence.

Wimbledon hostel has 111 rooms, 60 of which are targeted supported beds as part of a Supporting People Contract with Merton Council. This means that those in the targeted category have a Support Broker whose responsibility is to tailor and coordinate together with the client a person centred plan, placing the client’s views at the centre, and using the Outcomes Star.


Rent at YMCA Wimbledon is currently £296.41 a week with breakfast and evening meal.

The Housing Benefit award will help us to calculate your personal contribution.

For example if your Housing Benefit entitlement is £274 a week then your personal contribution will be £22.41

Please note that Housing Benefit entitlement varies depending on personal circumstances such as working or other benefits entitlement. Therefore, when your Housing Benefit entitlement is changing, your personal contribution will also change accordingly to cover the weekly rent.


Rooms are fully furnished with washbasins.

Other facilities: Resident Lounge, Chapel, Fitness Studio, Computers Room in Tower Lodge, Reception, and Restaurant area.

Policies, rights and responsibilities

YMCA is committed to safeguarding and equal opportunities in all areas of its work and responsibilities, aiming to support residents and to ensure that it provides accommodation and services that are safe and secure. Thus, alcohol is not allowed on our premises and smoking is allowed in own room and outside but not in communal areas.

We recognise that we have a duty of care, including legal obligations as a landlord; therefore YMCA will liaise with the appropriate authorities to prevent the taking and supply of illegal drugs or banned substances on its premises.

Resident Participation

YMCA is committed to ensuring that residents have a real say in the on-going management and development of the Housing and Accommodation services. Resident’s forums and resident’s surveys are hold regularly with a 6 monthly resident committee with input from residents, board members and senior management.

The Association’s complaint policy and procedure ensures that our customers are listened to and valued. It also ensures that we are accountable to our residents for the quality of service being delivered.

Selection criteria

The YMCA operates an equal opportunities policy in resident selection criteria.

As per YMCA agreement with Merton Council, 60 bed spaces in the hostel are direct nominations from the local borough.  All referrals must meet the selection criteria; age 16 or over, be capable of basic personal care, single and without dependent children residing with them, unable to afford private rented accommodation.

YMCA is not suitable to accommodate applicants who need support with bathing or other significant assistance with personal care or who need support with medication or are unable to use the accommodation without assistance due to a physical or learning difficulty.

Every applicant will be subject to a Police National Computer (PNC) check.

Referral agencies

Do you live in Merton or the surrounding areas and are at risk of becoming homeless? Download our Homeless Referral Flyer for information on how and where to get help.

Referral procedure

The hostel at YMCA Wimbledon takes referrals from Merton Borough Council and No Second Night Out.

If the referral agencies think that the YMCA may be suitable for a client they can refer a client using this form.

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