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The Get Started programme is YMCA St Paul’s Group’s unique fitness programme, designed to support new gym members in getting the most out of their workout.

The programme consists of five one-to-one appointments with our certified Fitness Instructors, who make sure you get the most out of your fitness regime by:

• Setting goals
• Developing a tailored exercise programme
• Motivating you with personal training sessions
• Giving you nutritional advice
• Reviewing your progress

All new YMCA gym members are offered the Get Started programme for free when they sign up. If booked as individual sessions, it would be worth over £100.

5 steps to fitness

The Get Started programme consists of:

1. Health Profile Check
A consultation to take measurements, set goals, and talk about the best way for you to achieve them.

2. Personal Exercise Programme
The instructor will take you through each piece of equipment to make sure you get the most out of your training programme and check that your technique is safe.

3. Supervised Workout
To get you off to the best possible start, the instructor will work with you during a shadow workout.

4. Nutritional Consultation or Supervised Workout
Eating and exercise go hand in hand. Learn more and have a healthy eating plan devised for you. Don’t forget to bring your food diary! Alternatively, you can opt for a second supervised workout.

5. Monthly Review
After 4 to 6 weeks, you should feel and notice the difference. The instructor will take your measurements and set the next stage of your programme.

After you have completed the Get Started programme, there will be regular review days, when you can turn up and go through any part of the programme again.

Find your local YMCA gym

YMCA SurbitonYMCA Hawker, YMCA Wimbledon, YMCA Walthamstow To find out more, contact your local gym.

Before signing up as a member of our Health & Wellbeing services, please ensure you have read our terms and conditions.

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