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Whether you are new to exercise or taking it to the next level of your training. We have made our Get Started programme available online, onsite and on-demand.

The programme will take around a month to six weeks to complete with each appointment being around a week apart. The appointments are all included in your membership or you can choose to pay for each appointment as you go.

You can choose your appointments onsite or online or a combination of both. There are also videos and information sheets to support you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals.

These appointments are really easy to book through the app where you can choose to have your appointment in the centre or online with one of our qualified instructors. Download the YMCA St Paul’s Group app here.

1st Appointment – Health Profile

During this appointment, your instructor will establish what you would like to achieve and will work with you to set realistic goals that fit into your lifestyle. You do not need to wear workout clothing to this appointment.

2nd Appointment – Personal Exercise Programme

During your appointment the instructor will design a programme personalised to your goals and send your programme via email. Please wear your work out clothing or comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in to this appointment as your instructor will demonstrate some of the exercises.

3rd Appointment – Supervised Workout

During your appointment the instructor will make sure you are on track with your programme and, if needed, will discuss making adjustments to help keep you on track. Please wear your workout clothing to this appointment as you can choose to have a workout during this appointment.

4th Appointment – Nutritional Consultation

During your appointment, your instructor will go through your Food Diary and our Healthy Eating sheet that has questions about your current nutrition and helpful nutrition tips which you can implement into your diet. You don’t need to wear your workout clothing to this appointment

5th Appointment – Review

Whether you started this programme as a newbie to exercise, or because you wanted to progress your training to the next level, after a month to 6 weeks you should now start to feel the difference. During this final appointment, your instructor will revisit your goals that you set at the beginning of the programme and will help you set the next stage of your fitness journey. You don’t need to wear your workout clothing to this appointment

Further ‘Keep on Track’ reviews are available after your first 5 appointments if you need a programme change or need that little bit of extra motivation. It is recommended to book these every 2 months but essentially it is up to you how often you book these even if it is a year after you have gone through the Get Started programme it is never too late for a programme change.

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Before signing up as a member of our Health & Wellbeing services, please ensure you have read our Get Started terms and conditions.