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Junior Gym Membership 11-15 years

A junior fitness & gym membership is the perfect way for you and your child to experience good health and wellbeing together. There are two types of junior gym sessions: one where the parent has to accompany or exercise with their child, and another where our gym instructor supervises the session. Don’t worry we will guide you on how to supervise your child safely within the gym. If you are exercising with your child you will both need your own membership; remember you’re in it together!

Supervised junior gym sessions 

With the junior fitness and gym membership, 11-15 years olds have access to special supervised gym sessions after school, at weekends and during the holidays (the times can be found via our app). Our instructors have DBS clearance and are trained to support young people in gyms. You don’t need to be there, we have it covered!

Or want to exercise together? – No problem! You have the option to exercise with your child too.

Student gym membership 16+ 
As a 16-year-old, they are ready to go it alone. They can access the gym and train independently from you as often as they like from the age of 16 years + & they can join online under our Student membership here.

YMCA Hawker, YMCA Walthamstow, YMCA Surbiton

Our prices for Junior Gym Membership

Pay As You Go: £5.50

Monthly Direct Debit: £25.00

Annual: £275

An adult/guardian needs to register the child at the centre and make payment there. We need you to sign your child’s membership forms and book you both into the Get Started programme. If your child is 16 years and over they can join online or at the centre themselves.

If you are accompanying your child then there is no need to pre-book – although we would expect child accompanied gym sessions to have been completed by early evening. If it is a supervised junior session then you can book via our app or by contacting the centre.

Yes, they can if they are 14 years or over, they can download our app and log in or just book by contacting the centre.

The times of the supervised junior fitness & gym sessions vary at each centre. Please see our timetable on our app or ask at reception.

You will need to be present and responsible for your child at all times; which means being in the gym with them or in close proximity so that you can see what they are doing. We have qualified staff at all of our centres but there are times when the gym will not have a member of staff in it continuously so to be sure they are supervised we need you to be responsible for them at all times.

Only 16 years and above can participate in our group exercise classes. However, at some centres young person specific classes are available. Please see our timetable on our website or app or ask at your centre.

Get started! 

In all cases before you and your child start exercising you’ll need to take a gym induction – we call it Get Started. This is where one of our gym instructors shows you and your child how to safely use all the equipment you’re allowed to use. Once you’ve both completed Get Started, you’ll be ready to supervise them in the gym or work out together. Get Started is a great way to support you both to use the gym safely, and it will help you both get the most from your workouts.

Junior gym restrictions 

Unfortunately, some of our gym equipment is not recommended to be used by our younger members. Our instructors will guide you on this. We strongly advise that only light free weights are used by children in gyms, and after you and they have completed the Get Started programme. In all cases when you are supervising your child we ask you and them to be sensible and listen to the guidance and advice from our instructors. Other than that, the rest of the gym is open for you both to use. All of the cardio equipment is available, aw well as the resistance and cable equipment as long as they physically fit. If in doubt just ask!