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The resident’s journey

Residents are referred to us with complex needs such as mental health issues and substance misuse; many are escaping violence and abuse. Our residents support is designed with this in mind.

Tackling Homelessness

The threat of homelessness and for some sleeping rough is a deeply traumatic experience.

We offer a warm and non-judgmental environment and our staff are committed to helping residents in all aspects of their lives focusing on mental health, physical wellbeing and education. We provide short-stay supported accommodation for a two-year period to get people back on their feet and to plan the next phase of their lives.

Structured Support

Every resident is assigned a Support Worker and together, they will develop a Personal Action Plan to deliver the residents support. This provides a way forwards towards eventually moving on and living independently.

As part of our holistic approach we offer support with mental health through counselling and life skills classes, social activities and opportunities to explore spirituality and faith. Our chaplains run events and workshops to help people reflect on what’s important to them in their lives.

These services are funded by revenue from our Health & Wellbeing Centres, children’s services and cafes, as well as funds raised by fundraising events and donations.

The Supporting People Programme

We are also supported by the Supporting People programme and work closely with a wide range of external agencies and organisations to ensure that we provide the best service possible.

Residents’ mentors

Residents have an opportunity to take part in a Buddy scheme where volunteers, often residents themselves, become a mentor to both current residents and those who have moved on from the hostel environment.

Just having someone to chat to, someone who listens or lends a helping hand can be a vital part of a successful outcome.

Opportunities to participate

Living at YMCA is not just about having a roof over your head. Getting out and about, involved in activities, volunteering, courses and events is what turns a person’s journey from survival to a fulfilled life – that’s why we offer our residents the opportunity to take part in creative workshops with drama and poetry, community choirs and events and much more.

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