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When we talk about ‘Spending Positively’, we refer to the YMCA engaging with the community, encouraging individuals to think about where they spend their money. You know how people vote with their feet? Well, this is like voting with your cash!

It’s dead easy: we provide a fantastic café to buy a decent and affordable cup of coffee, and people choose to buy it here because they get a nice cup of coffee, but importantly the profit from that coffee goes to the good work we do in the YMCA.

Or, we provide a well-equipped, air-conditioned, reasonably priced gym, and people choose to be a member here because it’s got everything they want, and the best bit is they are contributing towards our work with homeless people, young people, children, families, health and wellbeing.

How to ‘spend positively’: 

  • Get your coffee or tea, and eat a tasty lunch every now and again at our community cafes, which are also run as social enterprises.
  • Buy a membership or workout and Pay As You Go in one of our Health & Wellbeing centres at YMCA Hawker, YMCA Wimbledon, YMCA Surbiton or YMCA Walthamstow – they are also run as social enterprises.
  • Support local YMCA LSW fundraising events in your area, such as Benchmark Theatre Performances; Quiz Nights; Sleep Easy; Coffee Mornings etc.

Thank you for ‘Spending positively’!