noahs box donation

29 May 2020

YMCA St Paul’s Group is excited to announce a new collaboration with award-winning starter kit company Noah’s Box, which has donated 40 boxes of bedding and kitchen
equipment to vulnerable young people at the YMCA hostel in Hayes, Middlesex. Great news in tough times like these that a small, growing business is focussing on
helping young people to get back on their feet and have some home comforts that we all take for granted.

In fact, Noah’s Box intends to donate more boxes to hostels across YMCA St Paul’s Group in Greater London. The boxes will be donated to young homeless people who
arrive at the hostels, and also those who have finished their stay with YMCA and are preparing to move out. Young people in this situation will have their own income and
sometimes there is grant funding to help them furnish their new accommodation, but it varies from hostel to hostel, which is why donations from Noah’s Box are so

“As a YMCA we want to provide the best opportunities for our young residents as they move on and be confident that they can maintain their new situations. People who
move out have often travelled a long journey with us and it’s daunting leaving our hostels. Our new partnership with Noah’s Box is an exciting way for us to support
these young people,” says YMCA St Paul’s Group CEO, Richard James.

Noah’s Box is run by Harvey Francis and Moritz Braatz. They sell a whole range of boxes, from student starter boxes to premium kitchen boxes – all designed to save the
hassle of shopping for essential items and finding the best value and quality. An important part of their business strategy was to support charities, and they found a
great fit with YMCA St Paul’s Group.

“We recognise that at YMCA residents haven’t had the best start to this part of their lives. It’s a really nice way for us to make a difference to young people, helping them
to set up homes as they move on, or as they arrive at the hostels,” says Harvey Francis, Chief Operating Officer at Noah’s Box.

What do the hostel residents think?

“I am loving my fresh, clean bedding. Slept like a baby last night. Thank you YMCA and Noah’s Box,” says Ben Newell, YMCA Hayes resident.

“Thankyou Noah’s Box for the great donation. I felt like they were shopping just for me,” says YMCA resident Meghan O’Connell.

“I am grateful for the contributions from Noah’s Box. I arrived in the UK only eight months ago. This is the first time I have felt settled, thank you for the cooking utensils,” says YMCA resident Karwan Rahim.

Donations to the YMCA St Paul’s Group Wellbeing Fund are very welcome to help support vulnerable people in our communities.

29 May 2020